BAB APP MARKET – Apps for the smart home


The BAB APP MARKET is the distribution platform for innovative smart home apps. With the APPMODULE from BAB TECHNOLOGIE, our apps open up undreamt-of possibilities in the field of building automation. It has a KNX/TP interface and is based on the proven, modular app concept: select, install and get started. It does not contain any permanently implemented functions, but is equipped with individual apps. The range of functions is thus permanently flexible.


For example, the control of SONOS, Philips® hue or Bose® components can be implemented in any KNX system in the field of hand-held vision. It does not matter whether the components are controlled by push-button sensors or by means of an existing visualization system. The APP MODULE can be operated as a stand-alone KNX device or embedded in any existing KNX building automation system.


By adding or replacing apps, you can adapt the device to the new situation. Thanks to the app system, this can be done without purchasing new devices and with minimal configuration effort. The BAB APP MARKET offers a growing selection of applications for the intelligent home.