What are our Apps for?

All Apps from the BAB APP MARKET are Apps for Smart Home application - built exclusively for the APP MODULE by BAB TECHNOLOGIE. With our Apps the integration of devices or functions has never been easier. Not only are they able to control devices. Thanks to the ability to communicate bi-directionally, devices integrated with the APP MODULE can also be part of complex scenarios.


What are the technical requirements?

To use our Apps you need an APP MODULE by BAB TECHNOLOGIE. The APP MODULE is a DIN rail device that is connected to the building automation network via LAN, KNX, or EnOcean. Besides a buidling automation network, the devices or services to be intagrated (e.g. Receivers, Projectors, Service accounts like Pushbullet) are needed.


Can the APP MODULE be used indepentently?

The APP MODULE can be used as an indepentent KNX device. For example a KNX sensor, a FRITZ!Box router, and the APP MODULE with the according App are all that is needed to control the WLAN at the push of a button.

Is it possible to use the APP MODULE in conjunction with existing building visualisations?

The APP MODULE can be used in cunjuction with existing building visualisations smoothly. It even doesn’t matter wich visualisation is used (e.g. EIBPORT, Gira HomeServer, Eisbär, etc.).


How do I shop Apps?

The BAB APP MARKET is dedicated to business costumers exlusively. Therefore a trade license is mandatory to register to our app market. Further it is necessary to register an APP MODULE.


How does the installation of Apps work?

After you purchased an App an installation package is ready for download and can be installed on the APP MODULE. After the installation you can easily access the App’s lucid web interface.


Are there updates for Apps?

From time to time updates for apps may be released by developers. As soon as an update is available, you can download it from the »My Apps« area. We highly recommend to create a back up of the existing system before updating.


Who is developing the Apps?

All Apps available from BAB APP MARKET come from registred developers. Additional information are available on every App’s detail description page.


What is the »My Apps« area?

»My Apps« is the area where you can find all Apps you purchased. All downloads are permanently available.


Are the Apps accessible on Smartphones and Tablets?

Apps from the BAB APP MARKET are produced for the APP MODULE, not for Smartphones. Yet many building visualisations have Smartphone visualisations available.