SDKMODULE & Software Development Kit: Developing for the APPMODULE


INFORMATION: Request the SDKMODULE including SDK directly from BAB APP MARKET.

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The SDKMODULE opens up new possibilities for developers to help shape the world of the Smarthome and to make it even smarter through creative ideas. Together with the associated platform-independent SDK, new, unprecedented applications for the APPMODULE can be created for the KNX, EnOcean and IP worlds. In contrast to many other products in the field of building automation, the APPMODULE with its permanently expandable functionality offers highest flexibility through the app concept. It grows and changes with the requirements of the customer. Whether IoT integration or special automation solutions - the possibilities for developers and users are almost unlimited. Benefit from a convenient library for Java™ or Groovy applications and a modern distribution infrastructure that ensures transparent and lucrative monetization of your products - the BAB APP MARKET. The SDK simplifies your work with its provided methods and does not require in-depth KNX or EnOcean knowledge.




Advantages of the SDK



The SDK provides all the necessary prerequisites for programming Smart Home Apps for the APPMODULE. The SDKMODULE (hardware) provides a connection to KNX or EnOcean and the IP world. This offers developers the opportunity to test their smart home apps in a realistic way.   


Scripting language for convenient development

Ideally, you should develop apps in Java™. To facilitate access for developers, the SDK also offers the scripting language 
«Groovy». Groovy includes closures, native syntax for maps, lists and regular expressions.  


Be creative - we take care of the rest

The methods integrated in the SDK allow you to communicate easily with KNX®, EnOcean® and network devices. Using JSON objects, you can define configuration interfaces from standard elements that the APPMODULE automatically transfers to a uniform design. Individual configuration elements are also possible thanks to polymer technology and JavaScript. Alternatively, you can develop the configuration interface entirely in AngularJS. 


Utilization of Smart Home Apps

Completed Smart Home Apps are loaded into the APPMODULE by users from the growing portfolio of BAB APP MARKET. The Smart Home Apps are immediately available and can be used in projects with the APPMODULE. Developers decide for themselves how many instances of an app can be executed in parallel in an APPMODULE.


Visualization of Smart Home Apps  

The control of all Smart Home Apps in the APPMODULE is realized via the visualization of the system into which the it is integrated – i. e. any KNX or EnOcean visualization. You do not have to create a separate GUI. In addition, the APPMODULE provides its own visualization that can be used with iOS® and Android® devices, the so-called «Smart Screens». The SDK offers you the possibility to integrate your Smart Home App into this visualization without having to develop your own UI. In so-called Smart Screens, users control different IoT devices and smart home components within a single app. 


Selling Smart Home Apps in the BAB APP MARKET

The BAB APP MARKET is the primary marketplace for Smart Home Apps. Registered developers have the opportunity to sell their own Smart Home Apps. They are provided with a modern and transparent sales platform. In this way, they benefit from a solidly growing customer base and existing marketing structures. 


Integration of the APPMODULE

The APPMODULE can be integrated into almost any existing or planned building automation system. Regardless of the manufacturers and versions of the devices used - every KNX® or EnOcean® system is qualified. Of course, a purely IP-based control of the integrated devices is also possible.



Apps installed on the APPMODULE can interact with each other. For example, it is possible to control Denon HEOS® devices with Amazon® Alexa without having to install a skill from the manufacturer. Of course, this applies to all other installed IoT control apps. 


Request the SDKMODULE including SDK directly from BAB APP MARKET.