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Publisher: Alto HiFi AG Available since1: 17 July 2017 IoT

This App enables you to control a Systemline S7 multiroom system with your KNX system. The S7 is a scalable high quality multiroom audio system and can be extendet up to 24 zones. Each zone can play independently several streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Tidel, etc. and music from the internal storage. To control the system an intuitive App or the KNX system is used.


This App enables you to control an Systemline S7 multiroom system with your KNX system. This App simulates a KPS11 keypad of Systemline. The S7 multiroom system is developed to play high qualtity music and can be built up to 24 zones. With a press of a button the actual news will appear in the bathroom. Let you wake up with your favourite music, or start the "Dance Party Mix" from Spotify when you enter your party zone. With the KNX Interface are you able to realize various connections of your choice to your Systemline S7. Use the webinterface of the A:S7 to link favourites, sources, volume control, playback functions, etc. to the group addresses. For the configuration is no programming knowhow needed. It is also possible to use an amplifier as a standalone device. Control unlimited zones (instances) with this version of the app.



  • Multi Room control with KNX keypad of your choice.
  • Simulation of a Systemline keypad
  • Independent use of installation amplifiers.
  • Paging (ext. Source)
  • Use with or without a home server.
  • Up to 24 zones in a system.


This app is a third party product. It is not affiliated in any way with iPort.
This Smart Home App may be used in conjunction with third-party products or services. The respective manufacturer is responsible for data protection.

Additional Information

Available since1 17 Jul 2017
Compatibility Information APP MODULE FW - 1.3.3
Requirements Systemline NetAmp, APP MODULE
Version 1.01.11
Developer Information

Alto HiFi AG

Gublenstrasse 1

CH-8733 Eschenbach
+41 (0)55 254 90 90



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